At the end of the school year, about 1500 students from the Algarve participate with their teachers in a project of educational and cultural dynamization through animation cinema.
Films for all ages are shown, selected by level of education involving the Groupings of Schools of: Albufeira, João da Rosa, E.B.1 School of Cavalinha (Olhão), António Aleixo School of Pontal (Portimão), Vila do Bispo and the High School of Loulé.
There is also the collaboration of the Municipalities of Albufeira and Vila do Bispo.
This event in Algarve is coordinated by Isa Catarina Mateus, with the participation of the teachers responsible in the schools: Manuela Jorge, Isadora Mateus, Anabela Gaspar, and Maria do Carmo Chaves.

The “AvancaGIGANTES – Algarve 2022” is a project of "cinema for those who are always growing", involving in commented viewings, children from pre-school to high school youth.
The films address themes that are concerned with the environment, with our world, but also with the difficult and always complex human and intercultural relationships, as well as with our relationship with art and cinema itself.

The “AvancaGIGANTES”, born as a project of educational and cultural dynamics, marks 25 years of uninterrupted realization of the International Film Festival AVANCA.
Having already happened in the Lisbon region, where Cibele Saque coordinated the event in the Restelo School Grouping, it will soon happen in the Avanca region.

The “AvancaGIGANTES” in the Algarve has the support of the Portuguese and International Federation of Film Societies (FPCC and FICC), the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve (through the Program "JCE - Youth, Cinema, School" and the Program HARPA - History, Arts and Heritage of the Algarve), CIAC / University of Algarve, "RBE - Network of School Libraries" and the Program PEEA - Aesthetic and Artistic Education.