Avanca Pitch Sessions

And the nominees are …

The jury, constituted by 16 individuals from the arts and letters, has just selected the 10 shorts and 5 feature films that will integrate this year's edition of AVANCA PITCH SESSIONS.

The film projects are:

Feature Films
  • 'O Primeiro Dia' by António Sequeira (UK)
  • 'Kim Died and Went to Rock ´N´Roll Heaven' by Catarina Araújo (Portugal)
  • 'Dan Benson' by Fábio Silva (Portugal)
  • 'Experiência Otto-Wagen' by Francisco Moura Relvas (Portugal)
  • 'Regressos ou Leva-me outra vez à caça contigo, pai' by José Henrique Neto (Portugal)
Short Movies
  • 'O Pomar' by Ana Manana and Joana Lourenço (Portugal)
  • 'A Aldeia sem Voz' by André Marques (Portugal)
  • 'Farouk e a viagem do elefante' by Cristina Sopas (Portugal)
  • 'Contraleve' by Diana Coelho (Portugal)
  • 'Colheita' by Francisco Colombo (Brazil)
  • 'Maria' by João B. Martins (Portugal)
  • 'Teratoma' by João Meirinhos (Portugal)
  • 'Atlântico' by João Traveira (Portugal)
  • 'Depois do Nevoeiro' by Marcos Moreira (Portugal)
  • 'The Nest' by Moeinoddin Jalali (Ukraine)

The projects came mostly from Portugal, but also from countries such as Brazil, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Serbia and Ukraine.

The selected projects gain access to a workshop on pitch for cinema and exclusive mentoring sessions with journalist and film critic Rui Pedro Tendinha (SIC / Antena 3 / CineTendinha) and to competition sessions, which take place simultaneously with this year's edition of the AVANCA Film Festival.

In addition to the presentation and recognition by the industry, the winners of each category will be able to win prizes awarded by the Avanca Film Fund to support film development and production in the amount of 1,500 Euros for feature films and 750 Euros for short films.

The Avanca Pitch Sessions is the new initiative of the 25th edition of the AVANCA Film Festival, which aims to present the best ideas for short and feature films under development to the audiovisual industry, in an environment of collaboration and promotion of cinema and authors.

The AVANCA Film Festival and the Avanca Pitch Sessions seek to respond to the pandemic context, and will take place based on the guidelines and recommendations of the DGS and the Government.

AVANCA is an organization of the Cine Clube de Avanca and the Municipality of Estarreja and has been held each year with the support of the ICA / Ministry of Culture, the IPDJ, the Junta de Freguesia de Avanca, the Agrupamento Escolar de Estarreja, the Escola Egas Moniz, the Paróquia and Associações de Avanca, and also counting on the support of several universities and higher education schools in the country, companies and other institutions in the region.