“Dreams” Joaquim Pavão's first feature won the Avanca Competition.

“Diapason” is the big winner of the “24th International Meetings of Cinema, Television, Video and Multimedia - AVANCA 2020”, ending the 10 days of one of the first film festivals to happen in Europe in a time of the pandemic.
Directed by Iranian Hamed Tehrani, this film won the Cinema Prize for Best Feature Film, Best Screenplay Award and the D. Quixote Award from FICC - International Federation of Film Clubs.

Special mentions were also given to the feature films “The Barefoot Emperor” (Belgium) by Peter Brosens and Jessica Woodworth and “The Forgotten” (Ukraine) by Daria Onyschenko, who also received the award for the best actor for Danylo Kamenskyi.

The Short Film Prize went to the Serbian film “Moon Drops” by Yoram Ever-Hadani; “Qui Vive” (Belgium) by Anais Debus, received a Special Mention and the Best Photography Prize (awarded to Benoît Delfosse).

Actress Efthalia Papacosta, from the Greek film “Mila” by Andreas Vakalios, won the Best Actress Prize.

The animation prize was awarded to “Hello my Dears” by Sasha Vasiliev from Russia, with the films “028” (France) by Otalia Caussé, Geoffroy Collin, Louise Grardel, Antoine Marchand, Robin Merle, Fabien Meyran and “The Wings” by Riho Unt, have been distinguished with Special Mentions.

The Portuguese short film in Mirandese “La Tierra de l Passado” by Rui Falcão, was distinguished with a screenplay special mention.

The cinema jury was led by João Paulo Macedo (President of the International Federation of Cineclubs), researcher Anabela Oliveira and filmmakers Luís Diogo, Hamilton Trindade (São Tomé and Príncipe) and Robert Rombout (Netherlands).

The FICC awarded a Special Mention to the film “The Forgotten” (Ukraine) by Daria Onyschenko. The FICC Jury was composed of Syam Gopal Kosuri (India), Anxo Santomil (Spain) and Carlos Coelho (Portugal).

Among the most anticipated category was the “Avanca Competition”. Bringing together works produced or co-produced in the region, Joaquim Pavão's feature film “Sonhos” was distinguished, and the short film “murmuratorium - directions and rumors” by Luís Margalhau.
Milana Majar's film “Diadema” received a Special Mention.
The jury was composed by filmmaker Cláudio Jordão and researchers Liliana Rosa, Manuel Freire, Clarissa Rodrigues and Joana Doignot (France).

The video prize was awarded to “tx-reverse” by Martin Reinhart and Virgil Widrich (Austria) and “The heavy shadow of the crow” (Iran) by Behnam Asadolahi, received an Honorable Mention. The jury for this award was composed by researchers Aníbal Lemos and Liliana Rosa, filmmaker Rui Filipe Torres and artist Lia Fernandes.

The documentary “Wild Portugal" (Germany) by Christian Baumeister won the Television Prize and "Small Fish" (France) by Quentin Lestienne was awarded a Special Mention. The jury was composed by professor Idalinda Terra, researcher Mariana Bento Lopes, the journalist Fernando Pinho, the actor Carlos Rico and multimedia artist Érika Souza.

The VR 360o cinema competition awarded “Lost in a forgotten place” by Mona Kasra (USA) and awarded an Honorable Mention to “The rain that is falling now was also falling back then” by Christian Zipfel (Romania). The jury was composed by the film critic Nuno Reis and the producer Nelson Martins.

The jury composed by filmmakers David Rebordão, Luís Margalhau, Rui Filipe Torres and Passos Zamith, awarded the Senior Prize to the fictional feature “The Prague Orgy” by Irena Pavlásková (Czech Republic), and the prize for filmmakers up to 30 years old was attributed to “The Cork Mask” by Tiago Cerveira.

The “Trailer in Motion” competition distinguished the “OTOS” trailer by Kevin Moussaoui (Australia) and the video clip “Dolphin - J2000.0” by Ivan Sosnin (Russia). The jury, composed by cultural programmer Raquel Camacho and the filmmaker Alfonso Palazón (Spain), also attributed Special Mentions to the trailer “The Writer” by Hugo Pinto and to the video clip “EVOLS” by Hugo Amaral.

At AVANCA 2020, 24 films were premiered worldwide. These films were competing for the World Premiere Prize, which this year has financial support of 5,000 euros.
From the work of the juries of the festival, the first nominees for this award have already emerged. They are the films “About Dreams and Freedom” by Francisco Colombo and Marcia Paraiso (Portugal, Brazil), “All the Donna” by Zefrey Throwell (USA) and “The legacy of the artificer” by Alice Fátima Martins (Brazil).
The World Premiere jury will choose the remaining finalists and in September announce the big winner.

The jury for this award was composed by academics José da Silva Ribeiro, Gloria Gómez-Escalonilla Moreno (Spain), Javier Venturi (USA), Alice Fátima Martins (Brazil), João Victor Gomide (Brazil), Helena Santana and Maria do Rosário Santana, who also attributed a Special Mention to the investigated Francisco-Julián Martinez-Cano of the Universidad Miguel Hernández in Spain.

In total, 8 juries, 37 individuals from 8 countries awarded 18 awards and 14 special mentions.

AVANCA takes place every year in Avanca and is an organization of the Cine-Clube de Avanca and the Municipality of Estarreja with the support of ICA / Ministry of Culture, Portuguese Institute of Sport and Youth, CIRA, Parish Council and Parish of Avanca , Schools of Estarreja, in addition to several international organizations and local entities.