"Caged Birds" is the big winner of the "25th International Meetings of Cinema, Television, Video and Multimedia - AVANCA 2021", closing the 10 days of a film festival celebrating a quarter century of world cinema.
Directed by Oliver Rihs, this film won the Cinema Award for Best Feature Film, Best Cinematography Award (Felix Von Muralt) and Best Actress (Marie Leuenberger).
Special Mentions were also awarded to the feature films "The End" by Vladimir Kott (Russia) and "Tall Tales" by Attila Szász (Hungary), which also received the best screenplay award, given to Norbert Köbli.
The Short Film Award went to the Serbian film "Sticker" by Georgi M. Unkovski (Macedonia), and the actor of this film, Sasko Kocev, won the Best Actor Award.
In this category, the film "Survivers" by Carlos Gómez-Trigo (Spain), was awarded a Special Mention.
The animation film prize was awarded to "Only a child" by Simone Giampaolo (Switzerland), and the film "Sogni al campo" by Magda Guidi and Mara Cerri (France), received a Special Mention.
The Brazilian short film "A Lista" by Luciana de Oliveira was awarded the World Premiere Award.
The cinema jury was headed by researchers Carlos Fragateiro (President), Graça Lobo and Severiano Casalderrey (Spain), filmmakers Lolo Arziki (Cape Verde) and Dhanushka Gunathilake (Sri Lanka).

The film "Caged Birds" was also the winner of the D. Quixote Award from FICC - International Federation of Film Societies, of which the jury were Rita Freitas, Konrad Domaszewski (Poland) and Ander Gisasola Herce (Spain).

"Scratch" by Nuno Fragata, "Tália" by David Gomes and Pedro Cruz Tavares and "Visões Insulares" by João Garcia Neto received respectively the Avanca Competition Awards for animation, documentary and fiction.
The World Premiere Award was given to "Amo-te Cigarra" by Francisco Lança and the feature film "Pé de Feijão" by António Pinto and Paulo d'Alva was distinguished with a Special Mention.
The jury was composed of filmmakers Luís Moya and Rosário Costa and film critics Ariuna Bogdan (Russia), Germano Campos, Paulo Portugal, and programmer Isa Catarina Mateus.

The Video award was given ex-aequo to "Dennis" by Andrey Novoselov (Ukraine) and "Audenie" (Germany) by Taokan Xu.
The World Premiere Video Award was given to "O Rapto da Europa" by Rui Filipe Torres.
The jury of this award was composed by the painter Acácio Rodrigues, the researcher Anabela Branco de Oliveira and the filmmaker Diogo Carvalho.

The documentary "Fatima - a short life" by Hakim El Hachoumi (Germany) won the Television Award and "Do you remenber that year?" by Piotr Cieplak (United Kingdom), received the World Premiere Award.
The jury was composed by the photographer Mike Haydon (UK), the filmmaker Rui Nunes, the poet António Souto, the journalists Fernando Pinho, Manuel Freire and Manuel Vitorino, the actor Carlos Rico and the multimedia artist Érika Souza.

The VR 360º cinema competition awarded "Hominidae" by Brian Andrews (USA).
The jury was composed by film critic Nuno Reis, painter Acácio Rodrigues and director Raquel Felgueiras.

In the new competition "Europe in 5 minutes", which seeks to question the role of cinema in the union and partnership that builds Europe, the films "Tres Pasos" by Antonello Mararazzo (Italy) and "Swimming to the Moon" by Madeleine Homan (Netherlands) were awarded ex-aequo.
The jury was composed by Beatriz Legeren (Spain), Alexandre Martins, Anabela Branco de Oliveira and José Vieira.

The Jury composed by the researchers Cláudia Martins and Liliana Rosa, the actor Jackas and the animator João Oliveira, awarded the Senior Prize to the short animation film "Amo-te Cigarra" by Francisco Lança, and the prize for directors up to 30 years old, was given to "Firar" by João Mestre and João Tomaz.
Special Mentions were also given to younger filmmakers and "Missing" by Lia Fernandes, Beatriz Gonçalves, Maria Almeida, Marco Neves, and "Por um punhado de trocos" by Chico Noras.

The "Trailer in Motion" competition distinguished the trailer "Externo" by Jonathan Taub (Argentina) and the music video "Mumiy Troll - Cosmic Forces" by Ivan Sosnin (Russia).
The jury was made up by musician Sérgio Ferreira and programmer Francisco Ávila.

At AVANCA 2021, 24 films had their world premiere and 122 works were screened throughout the event.

Meanwhile, at the "AVANCA|CINEMA, International Conference Cinema - Art, Technology, Communication", the Eng. Fernando Gonçalves Lavrador Award, distinguished researcher Paulo Filipe Monteiro from Universidade Nova de Lisboa.
The jury of this award was composed by the academics Mônica Stein (Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil), Denize Araújo (Tuiuti University of Paraná, Brazil), Joaquim João Sousa (University of Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal), Nuno Fragata (ESAD, Portugal), Alfonso Palazón Meseguer (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain), Francisco Martinez Cano (Universidad Miguel Hernández, Spain), who awarded two Special Mentions to the researchers Angelita Bogado and Lina Cirino from Brazil and Petra Dominkova from the Czech Republic.

In total, 10 juries made up of 38 individuals from 8 countries awarded 24 prizes and 9 special mentions.