AVANCA 2017 Competition
Festival will award for the first time filmmakers up to 30 years and over 60 years.

In order to celebrate the twenty years of the festival and its twenty first edition, the International Meeting of Cinema, Television, Video and Multimedia - AVANCA 2017, has just opened its applications, allowing unpublished films in our country to be candidates for the final selection that will be shown in July in the screens of this film festival.

Each year, more than three thousand films from more than a hundred countries come to Avanca. They are works that reflect the contemporary world film and audiovisual production. They are from the five continents, come in diverse formats and are reflections of very diverse cultures.
By presenting and awarding long and short works of fiction, documentaries, animation and experimental videos, distinguishing actors and authors, this year AVANCA 2017 reserves two prizes that in an unprecedented way seek to reward two broad bands of a time where the authors usually had to fight harder to produce their works.
So for the first time, AVANCA Film Festival will deliver a prize to a director under the age of 30 who has his film selected at the festival, and also rewarding a filmmaker over 60 who also sees his film in the official competition of the festival.
Bringing together films and a very good number of filmmakers in their 20’s, AVANCA has also been the choice of multiple visits from filmmakers who come from all over the world in their 60’s and 80’s to present their films and talk about their experiences.
These new awards, which are believed to be the first to appear together at a film festival, seek to cover the multicultural and multigenerational character that has marked this event for two decades.

Applications are open until April 30th (Submissions | AVANCA 2017), covering numerous types of films, looking for creativity, intervention and singularity of each work.

Films from Portugal and Portuguese-speaking countries have special application conditions. Portuguese films that are no longer unpublished, may be selected for the "Panorama of Portuguese Cinema".
Films produced in and around the Avanca region (openly understood as the district of Aveiro) will be able to integrate the “Avanca Competition”, which annually shows works that have subsequently been awarded at film festivals around the world, marking the importance of film production of the region.

The 21st International Film Festival - AVANCA 2017 is an organization of the Cine-Club of Avanca and the Municipality of Estarreja, with the support of ICA/Ministry of Culture, IPDJ, Region of Tourism of the Center, Small Council of Avanca, DeCA/University of Coimbra, UTAD, ESAP, ESAD, Portuguese Academy of Cinema, Cluster of Schools and Parish of Avanca, among other local entities.