A delegation of filmmakers and a selection of films from young directors from Macau will participate this year at the 17th Film Festival AVANCA 2013.

A group of 12 filmmakers that includes the authors of the feature film "Macao Stories, Love in the City" will be attending this year the AVANCA Festival 2013, an unique event for the cultural exchanges between Por-tugal and Macau.

Awarded a special mention in the last edition of the festival, "Macao Stories, Love in the City" is a film that gathers several filmmakers in a project that for the first time reunites different narratives to create a feature film.

Macau cinema was one of the surprises of last years’ event and its presence this year tries to establish two bridges between two distant geographies, but with a much complemented culture.
Several meetings between the Macanese committee and individualities of Portuguese cinema will be hap-pening during AVANCA2013.
The Macau delegation is constituted by filmmakers and producers Ao Ieong Weng Fong, Hong Tou Kin, Fernanado Eloy, Elisabela Larrea, Wong Teng Teng, Chu Iao Ian Chan Io Wan, Chan Ka Keong, I Leung On, Ka Ho Cheng, Ieong Kunleong Lin and Chan Ioc Lin.

It’s expected a cinema session with some short films from Macau, presented by the authors in the evening of 24th. The session will show films like "The best time, the worst moment" by Cheng Ho Ka or “Not to forget 1999/12/20” by Albert Chu Iao Ian, works that try to reflect the changes that Macau is going through, thanks to the fast economical development.